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The finishes give your swimming pool the final perfecting touches. This will mark the difference between having an ordinary pool and a luxurious masterpeice. In the Orinoco we put at your disposal two high quality finishes that will raise the level of your pool well above plastics or paints.

On the one hand we offer a "full mosaic" with spanish gresites mosaic of pure glass. This defines elegance and deisgn, and also allows us to play with the colors, shades and styles. Within this option we are known for the quality of the materials used: isolates with glass fiber mesh, flexible connecting bands, cement-based flexible adhesives, or sealing products of high resistance (all of them in the Sika). With the neatness of the work placement and almost unusual craft with a dedication to the smallest detail, we obtain as a result an exquisite finish, durable and aesthetically beautiful.

The other option that Orinoco offers to coat your pool, is our material Gunite. This is a more rustic than the mosaic and very mediterranean. Given its special formula with a high content of marble dust, the Gunite is presented as a white substrate lining for the walls of the pool, and once it comes into contact with the water acquires a suggestive turquoise color that remains indelibe (since the Gunite does not fade with the sun or the passage of time). After two weeks, the material reaches its final hardness transforming into a single piece of marble. The rim of the pool is then finished with a mosaic lining of about 15 cm.

Finally, we offer you a wide variety of finishings for the edge of the pool, both in overflow grids, visible or invisible, as in the auction rounded stones. In all offers we use natural stones brought from Greece of the Stonetech signature, or the exquisite porcelain stoneware compounds of Rosa Gres Spain. The two companies offer the matching parts to continue with the lining of the terraces ( we offer a no-obligation estimation for the construction and the lining of the Solana).

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