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At Orinoco we love perfection, so we pour our hearts into each project. At first glance, almost all pools look like something more or less attractive, but when that pool is placed in your own garden, having an Orinoco jewel will make a difference.

1. An oasis for the eyes. The brain notices when the lines are twisted or joints do not coincide. With an Orinoco pool you will enjoy that each line would be in place. The meticulousness of not taking a step without continually checking the laser levels, the mathematical calculation of the spaces and an attentive artisanal work make the finishes a work of precision. If you choose an overflow system, it will be perfect, overflowing the entire perimeter. If you decide instead on a system with skimmers, these will be placed one centimeter away from the crown of the pool, maximizing the water level and not leaving unnecessary spaces. Every detail will signal the exclusivity of enjoying impeccable work.

2. We always offer crystal clear water. When the pools have the equipment they need and the water circulation is accurately calculated beforehand, maintenance is minimized. On the one hand, for each pool shape there is an optimal formula to position the jet nozzles and create the current that returns the water to the filtration system. On the other hand, the selection of the best brands for each device guarantees a reduced consumption and a long duration of life. In addition, the calculation of the engine and the filter must consider all the factors that converge (assiduity of use, wind, sun exposure, surrounding vegetation, frequency with which the filters will be cleaned, etc.). Along with this, the salt chlorinators reduce the expenses in chemicals by 90%, and the automations facilitate the work of later cleaning. Again, an attentive and detailed study is necessary for each project where the Orinoco pools are distinguished from others.

3. Structures for future generations. All previous work needs to be based on a solid foundation. In the structure of an Orinoco pool, the careful work of iron is what makes the difference. The traditional pouring of cement with both the formwork and concrete blocks is characterized by total freedom in choosing the shapes, the cleanliness of the process, and the careful care of the metal frameworks. The result is swimming pools with anti-leakage warranties, guaranteed to satisfy generations to come. 

In Orinoco, You will find the designs of the pool of your dreams whichever shaoe or size that may be. Our pools do not have any restrictions when choosing the shape, size or style desired. From a classic and very elegant pool to an ultramodern and functional one, going through the mimicry of nature or the absolute adaptation to the available place, - everything is possible. Roman stairs, lateral, corner, beach entrances, overflow, horizon effect...
Orinoco offers two construction systems for the structure of your pool: one made of reinforced concrete and the other with cement blocks. In the structure with reinforced concrete we use cement type B-400 and a double armor with iron of 12 (12 wat?), 10 and 8 mm. In the variant with cement blocks we also use metal armor. Both options are distinguished by the exquisite Iron work that guarantees the durability and impermeability of the structure. ...
The finishes give your swimming pool the final perfecting touches. This will mark the difference between having an ordinary pool and a luxurious masterpeice. In the Orinoco we put at your disposal two high quality finishes that will raise the level of your pool well above plastics or paints. On the one hand we offer a "full mosaic" with spanish gresites mosaic of pure glass. This defines elegance and deisgn, and also allows us to play ...
We make sure that the technical part of each project to ensure the later use of the swimming pool without fail. Speck, Astral, BSV, General Electric, are all brands in the industry, offering the latest technology that guarantees the durability of the aircraft, its low energy consumption, its high impermeability and its reduced noise emission. The filtration equipment that we design is not oversized and yet it ensures that the pool is always cr...
Orinoco offers you the possibility to sign a maintenance contract with our company and forget about the cares and worries that your pool may bring. You pay a commonly agreed. monthly amount and we will take care of the professional maintenance of your swimming pool, extending the guarantee so that it becomes nearly as long as all the time the contract is valid. Professionalism, punctuality and reliability is our guarantee, and the complete sat...
We put at your disposal our experience of over 15 years in building and maintaining swimming pools, to aid you with your old or run down swimming pools and create a completely new swimming experience.
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